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How to clean our gemstone jewelry?

Before process of cleaning you need to know your gemstone. Many times without knowing that people makes their jewelry worthless and ugly. First you need to identify your gem stone properly because different gemstones have different physical properties. That is why they react differently to heat, light, acids and scratching.

Many gems material are heat sensitive and many other react violently with chemicals, Inclusions in stone, tiny crystals and fractures within gems may weaken gems. On the other side some gems are durable you can use warm water, mild detergent to clean them. We can use soft brush too.

So our series of article will help you to make best choice for cleaning gemstones safely.

Once you identified your gemstone jewelry, Our Jewelry care guide and other gemstones caring articles will help you to clean your jewelry. As we already advise, use mild detergent at home the best option.

Most of the jewelry cleaners are safe to use but beware of those that contains ammonia, that can damage sensitive stones like pearl, amber, sleeping beauty turquoise, Ethiopian opal, fire opal etc.


Steps of Cleaning:

  1. Put your jewelry pieces for a few moments in jewelry cleaner solution of warm water or homemade detergent cleaning solution.
  2. Use a soft brush just like tooth brush or any jewelry cleaner brush to gently scrub your jewelry.
  3. You can also use any shaved matchstick or toothpick for cleaning deep areas and remember don’t be too harsh.
  4. After finish scrubbing, dip the jewelry again in solution. Then wash it in warm running water, preferably about the same temperature as your solution. Radical temperature changes are dangerous and should be avoided.
  5. Shake the jewelry and keep them on clean soft towel for a while to remove excess liquid then gently polish them with soft lint free cloths, also you can use chamois for polish.
  6. Now the jewelry polished and free of water spots. Now you can see it’s fire shows it is just like new you purchase. 

    We recommended strictly some point also here:

    Use extra soft tooth brush for cleaning to avoid rashes on metal and stone.

    Use ammonia less cleaning solution.

    Use extra care with faceted gem setting. Gem stay in jewelry with prongs and they are attached with jewelry frame so when you go for cleaning it inside from girdle to pavilion, make sure you are not cleaning hardly on prongs, we recommend camel hair artist brush to clean around the prongs and inside.