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100% Customer Order Security

We are the only who take this responsibility to deliver orders timely securely.


  1. Insured Shipment:  Our every shipment is insured by ‘’New India Insurance Company’’ so now order hassle free it is covered missing parcel, wrong address delivery, any natural calamity, fire loss. In all conditions we will issue full refund to you.


  1. Our delivery partners are DHL E-Commerce and Fastest delivery maker Fedex both are reliable and secure for delivering your valuable jewelry timely.


  1. We use stones as we listed, if the stones are manmade than we write all the information’s in our listing. To proof that we can give you certification of stones and diamond what are used in particular jewelry.


  1. We are launching ‘’one year exchange policy’’ for our customers. In that policy customer can change their old jewelry (what purchased from our website) with our new jewelry designs.


One Year Exchange Policy

Eligible Customer: Who purchase worth $1000.00 value items in a year.

Eligible Product: Worth $150.00 on order time.

Exchange Value: 20% to 90% (according to inspected points)

(Condition: Customer can exchange $450.00 items in a year, shipping and custom clearance charges has to be paid by customer)


Inspection Points:

  1. Gemstone Quality: Main value depends on gemstones/diamond conditions. If gemstones are looks good no broken stone, scratch less, good color means near to as we sold than we can value it 90%. And if the stone is not in good condition then we will value it 20%.
  2. Silver Value we offer 100%


Example: If someone buy a product of $200.00 value on 08/06/20 and he/she completed our both 2 conditions then he/she eligible to exchange their jewelry with new one. So we can give maximum 90% of $200.00 = $180.00.