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Sterling Silver Jewelry is often cherished, from bracelets to nacklaces and pendant to earrings. Silver jewelry is also perfect with a ruby and complementing diamonds. But how do we prevent the jewelry from tarnishing? What is plated jewelry and what is sterling silver”. jaipur gemstones , here many more thing what you have to look into as we concerns about indian jewelry.


In 19th century silver-plated jewelry comes in market. It involves fusing only a thin layer of silver over another metal.

Fine silver is very soft metal it can be band and break easily for every day function. Because of its softness all jewelry designs are not possible to frame. So a need arise to make 99.99% pure silver become some hard for jewelry purpose. If copper is being mixed 7.5% than the alloy of mixing is call sterling silver jewelry or 92.5 jewelry or 925 silver jewelry.

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Now the question is raised why mix other metal with pure silver? So answer is that pure silver react with air and silver tends to oxidize quickly and leave a brown color instead of white. The copper and other metal 7.5% used to make sterling silver slow down the tarnishing process for also custom jewelry india.  

Silver plated jewelry cheaper than sterling silver jewelry. But sterling silver jewelry is much butter and long-lasting than silver plated jewelry. Silver plated jewelry becomes old and worn off very quickly.

Before purchase sterling silver jewelry look towards the stamping part. This stamp could be labeled by “925”, “sterling silver”, “sterling”. If you go for sterling ring it should be marked as “925 silver rings”.

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By the use of rhodium some silver jewelry is finished. This is a type of platinum metal and very popular in fashion jewelry india. Rhodium is also often used in finishing white gold. Rhodium finished silver jewelry looks whiter, brighter than the normal silver jewelry. Some manufacturers use platinum as alloy metal in creating sterling silver jewelry. But the price is significantly more expensive. If you are a fan of platinum look, these are great choices, as they are not as expensive as solid platinum.

Around all Indian jewelry exporters are use sterling silver for making jewelry. By the use that metal we also present Indian jewelry according to global view. You can see larimar jewelry with sterling silver with use of free size and shape stones.