Silver Amber

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Amber Ring
Amber Ring

Silver Amber, A silver jewelry, due to the film Jurassic Park, Amber became more popular like Dinosaurs. Most of the jewelry concern people well known about it. In many countries amber jewelry is the passion. And they wear much time amber in different style jewelry jaipur gemstones. You heard about baltic amber necklace, natural amber ring, natural amber earrings and many other articles of jewelry. They use amber with other stone like ammolite jewelry for giving some different look.


Although use of amber in jewelry is as old as mankind itself but when amber used with sterling silver jewelry designs it look awesome and look very valuable. Some other countries indian opal jewelry is also popular as amber jewelry.


Silver amber means amber use in silver (925 silver) designs. Amber actually a fossil led pine tree resin, rhodolite garnet is also very old jewelry. The demand of silver amber is very high. Indian Jewelry Exporters are ready to pay high price of that kind of jewelry. They sale that kind of jewelry in European countries.

Amber Ring

Baltic amber necklace is wildly available in market. The largest mining region is in Russia, Poland, west of Kaliningrad
Include Myanmar (formerly Burma), Lebanon, Sicily, Mexico, Romania, Germany, and Canada.

In these country semiprecious stone jewelry are very popular like Ruby ring, larimar jewelry, ruby rings india, ruby jewelry india, Baltic amber necklace, opal jewelry, larimar bracelet, turquoise jewelry, pink opal jewelry, ammonite jewelry, amber jewelry, silver amber wholesale silver jewelry jaipur.

U.S peoples are very modern but they prefer custom jewelry india and some people like artisan jewelry which known as handmade jewelry india.

Amber Ring

By chemical composition, Amber is C12H20O, yellow brown red color, Density 1.05-1.15, transparent, 2-2.5 gypsum hardness.  suitable for all kinds of jewelry, including rings. Amber jewelry is always untreated, so value of that stone is more than heat treated.

The oldest amber recovered 320 million years ago. By chemical composition it is much difficult to match with amber but is much similar with resin which was produced by flower plant. Amber has been used in jewelry since stone age, from 13,000 years ago. Amber ornaments found in tombs and elsewhere in Europe. 

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