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Ruby Bracelet
Ruby Bracelet
Joun saul Ruby Earring

Ruby stone or maanik stone is a naturally occurring gemstone, member of corundum family. It’s chemical composition is aluminum oxide and chromium (Al2O3:Cr). Because of presence of chromium in ruby stone it is ranging from pink to dark red blood color. ruby has been consider one of the most valuable gemstone on earth. It is call that ruby takes way sadness and groom from the individual characters. Its power work as safeguard for man, its 925 silver rings keep safe from evil spirits and also helps him/her to enhance their financial condition.


It is also believed that ruby rings bring blessing of son in lady life. It is also believed astrologically that ruby jewelry india fades its color or change its color when you are stuck in bed time and then slowly-slowly ruby help to change your time and again come in its natural color. Ruby calls prosperity and improve health for native.
Ruby stone represent the sun and designated as “Ratnraj”. It preserves health and your good luck. Original ruby stone known to inspire creativity built confidence, wisdom of love and develop soul force in your heart. Rubies improve blood circulation also. Corundom Ruby use in sterling silver jewelry, Handmade Jewelry India.

Ruby Earring

Jewelry of ruby gemstone show their effect only when you wear them according to astrology rules. A person who want name, fame and success may use Ruby rings india.

Ruby is a sun of stone and related to Manipura chakra which is navel chakra of the body. This gemstone help to unblock this chakra and man gain powerful sense of leadership and responsibility. It promotes a self-dignity and removes depression. When Ruby wear with indian opal jewelry it is working with more power. In custom jewelry india ruby stone is very popular.

The color and cut of ruby stone make it valuable and prized jewelry. Ruby used in platinum, gold and in silver for jewelry. By using ruby rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other ornaments are being made. Indian jewelry exporters export ruby rings and other ruby items in huge quantity worldwide.


Method of wearing Ruby Rings :
Ruby or maanik should be wear in gold, silver and bronze to provide its benefits. It should wash with fresh milk early morning with chanting manta “ om suryo devaya namo nama” and donating red clothes, wheat, copper and money.


Designer Silver Ruby Ring

The best quality ruby stones with transparency and good color come from Burma. Burma ruby is as valuable as diamond. The best quality ruby mined in near magok in Burma. Thailand also the best place for natural ruby. We can also try Sri Lankan ruby and then china and Afghanistan.

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