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Ruby is the red member of corundum family. The ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth from the thousands of years. A natural fine ruby has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent color, excellent hardness and overall durability. Such kind of stones command very high price. Fine natural rubies are among the rarest gemstone today- an exceptional 8.60 carat natural ruby sold at auction for $465,000 per carat! Natural ruby would be so scarce and costly only world’s richest would be able to afford it.


Ruby also comes in different qualities; they are nothing more than a mixture of lowest poor quality corundum. 
Corundum have mixture of many minerals. By using chemical process minerals have been leached out. Leave numerous voids that are than infused with glass. The glass component typically comprises 30-40% of the stone jaipur gemstones.
Such kind of ruby described “composite ruby”.

Treated ruby differ from composite ruby. Treated ruby contain minimum amount of lead-glass.   

Designer Silver Ruby Ring

A ruby is the symbol of deep love. In India ruby known as “ratnraj” or “The King Of Gemstones”.  Indians are use ruby in gold or silver metal. The color of ruby is red, a color of passion. There red color come in shades light to dark. Ruby stone looks fabulous in Indian designs patterns, designer jewelry india. Ruby jewelry india is very famous and high demanded in U.S and U.K. low labor cost and good quality is the main reason.

Due to embroidery work of silver with meenakari Ruby rings are very popular in western countries. In jaipur ruby use in handmade jewelry india . Craftsmen give a royal shape to silver or gold and put ruby according to design very carefully. Fashion jewelry india  become favorable with ruby in these days. Americans like very much to this Indian patterns. They like some net work around the stone. They demand ruby stone with sterling silver jewelry. In Britain royal people usually like to wear Indian ruby ring, but they like without silver work around the stone. Wholesale silver jewelry jaipur also export in huge volume. The whole jewelry are checked by quality controller and with the stamp of 925 silver jewelry.At wedding location usually bride wear ruby jewelry and in left hand heart finger she usually wear ruby rings.

Ruby Earring

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