Rhodolite Garnet

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Red Garnet Ring
Red Garnet Ring
Rhodolite Garnet Lattice Silver Ring

When you imagine garnet, you imagine deep brownish-red garnet stone. But true is that all garnet is not red, some are green or orange.  If you have knowledge about gems than you know rhodolite garnet is better than red garnet stone. It is rare also. Indian jewelry manufacturer use rhodolite garnet with gold jewelry and Indian jewelry exporters use red garnet in silver metal.


The color of rhodolite is unique in the world and if it is mined from Madagascar, the comparative stone is rubellite tourmaline. Rhodolite is rare than rhodonite. In 925 Silver Jewelry you can use this stone to make your jewelry precious.

Now Indian Jewelry designers are work on garnet stone, garnet jaipur for new patterns of jewelry. They mostly prefer Jaipur gemstones for jewelry because the stones are good in quality and cheap than other stones. They are tried to come with ancient amber jewelry combine with rhodolite garnet.

Rhodolite Garnet Carving Silver Ring

We are also try combine jewelry with sterling silver jewelry with brass metal to give a new look and also use this experiment with Handmade Jewelry India. wholesale silver jewelry jaipur give a big hand in this new innovation. They became successful in lunching ruby rings with different metal. These kinds of jewelry are cover middle class people for bye their dream jewelry.

By chemical composition, rhodolite has a mixture of almandine and pyrope garnets, it has good harness too (7-7.5) So it is suitable for all kinds of jewelry, including rings. Rhodolite is always untreated, so value of that stone is more than heat treated.

Rhodolite Garnet Designer Ring

One of the intriguing facts is that rhodolite garnet first found in north Carolina in the late 1890’s.