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Gorgeous Larimar Ring
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Larimar Bracelet

Larimar is a very famous stone for making ornaments in american indian jewelry. The unique stone is mined  only in Dominican Republic in Caribbean islands. The color of the stone is bluish green of light to deep blue. In 1974 the stone was discovered by Miguel Mendez and he put the name of stone on his daughter’s name “Lori” and “Mar”. The demand of the larimar ornaments is increasing day by day and the shopping style also changed according to the time. Now most of the people prefers to buy online. This is very good way to buy if the outlet is far away from the buyers place.


The first name of Larimar is “Atlantis stone”. Dominican Republic is a part of Atlantis, and the color of larimar strongly resemble the waters of the Caribbean. The color of larimar is associated with peace, serenity and love.

Larimar Earring

Most of the larimar products are hand crafted so there are lots of hands works involve to make a product to sell. Handmade jewelry india is the very famous name in this sector. Larimar pendants and bracelets are most popular on this site. Larimar jewelry is made with 925 silver that’s why it calls 925 silver jewelry. There are plenty of stocks and designs from which you can choose your Larimar jewelry. If you have a low budget then don’t worry about, our jewelry prices starts from $7.99 and that’s our guarantee you will not find the same jewelry in this rate.

We are Indian jewelry exporters and we sale our jewelry all over the world, and you just believe or not but it is true that larimar is world famous stone and comes in top five saleable stone in the world.  The beauty of this stone is talk of the town. If you talk about custom jewelry india or about Indian jewelry, wholesale silver jewelry india than you will find larimar jewelry as favorite.

The larimar is very pretty and uncommon stone, and it is found only in Caribbean. So its prices are simply high than the other stone jewelry. Extra ordinary color, ambience, metaphysical and spiritual properties make larimar widely popular.

Jaipur gemstones is a leading provider of finest larimar jewelry and also ruby jewelry India. We are one of the foremost jewelers to identify the beauty of larimar and incorporate it in our jewelry.

Larimar Bracelet is official website for trading of larimar jewelry. There are also Amber jewelry available ruby rings.

The special types of heart touching sterling silver jewelry of larimar and amber stone are available on this site. People from different part of the world can order the items and get Indian jewelry with a moderate shipping charge.

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