Indian Turquoise Jewelry

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Blue Copper Turquoise Ring
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Turquoise comes in 3-4 color due to content of copper, aluminum and phosphate. If copper is maximize than stone show blue color and if less copper than it show green color. Turquoise is very famous stone in indian jewelry industry. It is called that if anyone wear turquoise bad things are not come on you and your luck find more power to make your work done.


 Egyptians were the first to introduces and produce turquoise. turquoise is mined many places in the world, its color and demand decide its quality and price. For the last 2000 years, Iran, known for as Persia, has remain imported source of turquoise. Iranian was used blue turquoise to curve the domes of Iranian palace.

Sinai Peninsula is called “Country of turquoise”. There are six mines in the region.

United State is also significant source of turquoise. Arizona, California, Colorado, New Maxico, Nevada are the places where from turquoise mined in large scale. Arizona is the main imported producer of turquoise. there are two mines are very famous for the unique color and quality and considered the best in the industry american indian jewelry.

China is also imported country for turquoise. but the color and quality of turquoise is different . except these notable countries are Afghanistan, Australia, north India, Northern  Chile and Turkestan.

Teebati Turquoise Pendant

Indian turquoise jewelry is very famous in U.S and other countries. Art is a prayer here and low cost of labour are biggest reason due to people of world like Indian turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is a semiprecious gemstone because of Indians are use turquoise to make rings, earring, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and other kinds of ornaments of men and women.

In American Indian jewelry 90% turquoise stone used. Junky look necklaces, bracelets and rings are main ornament which is always in demand. Turquoise is used with 925 silver jewelry and 925 silver ring.

 Turquoise is Native American jewelry stone. There people love to this stone. Some Indians tribes in north use different material and technique in the making of the beautiful jewelry. Many Indian jewelry exporters are working with these tribes well. Each tribe has a unique distinguishing characteristic, generally depending where they are located.

Blue Copper Turquoise Ring

Many types of jewelry designs, different making style of Indian jewelry offer a huge variety of traditional and contemporary Indian jewelry style to choose them. Indian turquoise jewelry has a certain charm to it. May be It has beautiful blue color or the fact that two pieces of turquoise have no same pattern. Some culture believe that turquoise stone has certain magical power that can heal the sick or prevent disease.

Indian turquoise jewelry is favorite part of many men’s and women’s. Indian turquoise jewelry and Indian opal jewelry does require some extra care. These types of stones are softer than other gem stones such as diamond jewelry, ruby jewelry india. This being the case turquoise jewelry may be more prone to scratching and nicking.