Indian Opal Jewelry

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Fire Opal Smoky Quartz Ring

Opal is the inexpressible stone indian jewelry. It have fire of the ruby, brilliant purple of amethyst, sea-green of emerald these all shining together in an incredible union. The name of “opal” is come from Sanskrit word “upala”, means valuable stone. Opal has been discovered around 4200 years ago. The ancient Greek people believed that opal is the tears of Zeus and prized it as highly as diamonds.  They believe, opal gave success in war, success in business and healthy life.

The Romans wore opal as a symbol of hope and purity, and believed it could cure illness. In ancient time in India opal referred to rainbow of goddess. Arab believed opal fallen from sky and that the play of color was trapped lightning. We export it as wholesale silver jewelry india.

Types of opal :

Black opal :-

Usually mined in South Australia, and are the most famous. The “black opal” does not mean that the stone is completely black. It is mean that the stone has dark body tone.

Boulder opal: - These types of opal are often cut with the ironstone left on the back.

Blue Opal Ring

White opal :- White opal second name is “milky opal”. White opal can display any color of rainbow, depending on the quality of the opal found.

Crystal Opal :- The term “crystal opal” refers any kind of opal (Black opal, White Opal, semi black opal) which has a transparent, translucent or semi-translucent body.

Fire Opal :- Fire opal mine in Mexico, and is also called “ Mexican Fire Opal”.

Ethiopian Opal :- Second name is “Chocolate Opal” because of chocolate color in nodule.
If red and blue also present than definitely it is “Ethiopian Fire Opal”.

Australian Blue Opal :- This stone enhance communication skills, providing user courage to speak at right time. It stimulates connection between people.

95% opal is mined out of Australia. Opals are also mined in United States, Ethiopia, Brazil   and Mexico.

A Indian opal jewelry is the symbol of Love. In India opal known as “King of stones” or “The King Of Gemstones”.  Indians are use Opal in gold or silver metal. The color of Indian Opal is white, black, blue and red a color of passion. There red color comes  in shades light to dark. Ethiopian opal looks fabulous in Indian designs patterns. Indian Opal jewelry is very famous and high demanded in U.S and U.K. low labor cost and good quality is the main reason. Ammolite Jewelry is also famous and liked worldwide.

Due to embroidery work of silver with meenakari Ruby rings are very popular in western countries. In Jaipur Opal use in handmade jewelry india . Craftsmen give a royal shape to silver or gold and put ruby according to design very carefully. Fashion jewelry india become favorable with Black Opal in these days. Americans like very much to this Indian patterns. They like some net work around the stone. They demand Fire Opal with sterling silver jewelry. In Britain royal people usually like to wear White Opal Ring, but they like without silver work around the stone. Wholesale silver jewelry jaipur also export in huge volume. The whole jewelry is checked by quality controller and with the stamp of  925 silver jewelry. At wedding location usually bride wears Indian opal jewelry and in left hand heart finger she usually wears Fire Opal rings.

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