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Out of all types of jewelry in the world Indian Jewelry has a special niche in people hearts. It has own charm and style. This is the only reason because of that Bollywood and Hollywood divas often donning Indian jewelry. Jewelry has a different meaning in India. Indian jewelry is a sign of pride, wealth, prosperity, happiness and statement of power. If you wear Indian jewelry than you are part of Indian royalty. Indian Jewelry or jewellery has a historical significance in world. It is incient around 5,000 years old. From the starting, India is famous for its artisan jewelry india and handmade jewelry india, the look of designs and process of making attract Indian trader and foreigner alike.



History of Indian Jewelry : India is witnessed  ups or downs of various Dynasties. India has faced many attacks of various kings. That’s why in Indian culture we found mix up of various culture. It gave deep effect of Indian jewelry as well. During the reign of Akbar, Indian jewelry was structured with a hybrid of Iranian and Hindu influences. In Jahangir time he introduced softer designs and shah Jahan was influence by Dutch jewelry design. In addition Rajput rulers introduced custom jewelry india and contribute in creation of fashion jewelry india. But in today’s scenario of Indian jewelry we can see drastic change due to modernization of people now youngster prefer designer jewelry india, fashion jewelry india and most prefer 925 silver jewelry.

fashion jewelry india

Types of Indian Silver Jewelry : There are so many types in Indian jewelry such as 925 silver ring, 925 silver bracelet, 925 silver pendant, 925 silver necklace, 925 silver earrings, crowns, anklets and many more.

925 silver earrings are very popular in United States so that’s kind of look is known as american Indian jewelry. Indian jewelry is not only famous in U.S but also around the world mainly jewelry suppliers India found grate business from U.S, United Kingdom and Germany.
In these country semiprecious stone jewelry are very popular like Ruby ring, larimar jewelry, ruby rings india, ruby jewelry india, Baltic amber necklace, opal jewelry, larimar bracelet, turquoise jewelry, pink opal jewelry, ammonite jewelry, amber jewelry, silver amber.

U.S peoples are very modern but they prefer custom jewelry india and some people like artisan jewelry which known as handmade jewelry india.

Indian jewelry

Indian jewelry are made by the different matel like brass, silver, gold which are decorated by kundan and meena. That’s kind or work called meenakari work. It give very different look so we can say it antique silver jewelry india.

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