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What is fashion jewelry ?
There is always confusion over what exactly term of fashion jewelry india as far as concern of indian jewelry. Fashion jewelry just like a bridge between low-end-costume jewelry and high-end-fine jewelry.

The primary difference between fashion jewelry india and custom jewelry india is materials. In fashion jewelry material has been used high quality, that’s why it is costly. Custom jewelry is made from base metals so generally looks poor quality. Fashion jewelry is made with precious metal like silver, gold. Although non precious stone and base metal also used jaipur gemstones.

The stones are used in this sterling silver jewelry like amazonite, garnet, citrine, aquamarine, agate and hundreds of others. Mother of pearl, cultured pearl, a fossilized, amber, hardened resin that originally come from pine trees over 50 million years ago, are used in these pieces. Overall the main deference come due to quality, fashion jewelry quality is high then others.

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Fashion jewelry is not ordinary jewelry, before making designs of fashion jewelry designer has to think differently and that thinking is apart from normal jewelry.

You will find fashion jewelry concept in artisan jewelry india. In artisan jewelry stone mostly used free sizes and unshaped. Designer has to work on that stone directly and try to give a fashionable design to use particular stones. Craftsman also gives uniqueness to make like one of a kind piece in handmade jewelry india.

If you are going to buy fashion jewelry from fashion store than it is pretty easy to choose safe fashion jewelry. You can pick up the piece and examine the making and polish and don’t forget to see stamping part also. Than see stone color and quality even you can ask to salesman about stone quality.

But if you are buying your jewelry from online store than it is little bit harder to make you selection.

Please see these points before buying online for safe buying :

  • Look for clear and closer image of your preferable products.
  • Read the product description carefully.
  • Discuss through mail about product and about quality of product.

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