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Drusy Agate Necklace

What is custom jewelry ?

Before we talk about Indian custom jewelry first we should understand what is custom jewelry in Indian jewelry?

Custom jewelry india means which has been designed and make for a specific person. According to their color, their sizes, according to their dress and what suit for their personality. It is typically handcrafted by craftman who consult with client before manufacturing rather than being produced for general sale.


One of the most common types of custom jewelry is wedding jewelry. Engagement  and wedding rings has been gifted as a symbol of love, feeling of true relation and dedication and to ensure that spouses  have weeding jewelry which is truly unique. Including shape, size, color of stone and inscription may be imported for them. A husband give present to his wife a handmade ring, silver ring, Ruby Rings, earrings or necklace on any occasion like child birth, birthday, marriage anniversary and any other occasion.

Labradorite Earring Ruby Rings as a wedding ring and diamond rings as a engagement ring are most popular not only in India but also in the world.  Ruby can be used with different metals but with silver it is give gorgeous look that kind of jewelry called sterling silver jewelry.


Indian custom jewelry is the same kind of jewelry but the deference can be seem in designs pattern. Indians like heavy look jewelry and in wedding they use gold metal and some silver except of both other metal are not been used.

Indian jewelry is very famous in America and Britain. If we give just junky look to Indian jewelry it will be just like native American jewelry/Indian American jewelry. Now Indian jewelry is growing according to demand. Stone jewelry are exported much in quantity. In the stone jewelry larimar jewelry and Indian turquoise jewelry are very famous.

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