American Indian Jewelry

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Red Garnet Earring
Drusy Earring
Rainbow moonstone Earring

American Indian jewelry has been made for generation. The American Indians are famous for their jewelry. american Indian jewelry includes anything from bracelets to necklaces and  925 silver rings to earrings. One of the most widely used stone in American Indian jewelry/native American jewelry is turquoise. Turquoise fashion jewelry india is believed to bring the person wearing it good fortune has been used in indian jewelry for over 2000 years.


Every American Indian tribe had different style of jewelry. But differences were less marked than other arts. There are two general categories of native American jewelry/ american indian jewelry : metal work and beads work. Before European metal work was simple and fair but after Navajo, pueblo, hopi artist learned silversmithing from Spanish in the 1800’s. that kind of jewelry blossomed in the southwest.

Tribe Larimar Necklace

The American Indian tribes in the southwestern united states use different kinds of techniques and style to making of the most beautiful jewelry. They use different types of metal for making jewelry. But mainly they prefer 925 silver jewelry for making. Artiest from different tribes create jewelry, fine pottery, paintings, carvings and more using resources around them. They are trying to give different look by using thousand of beads with 925 silver pendant.  Usually they used turquoise stone, sugilite, charoite and red garnet but now they began to use other stones also to give a beautiful look to their jewelry like larimar jewelry and opal jewelry.

The zuni Indians love to designer jewelry india. They thought that blue color turquoise is male and it present the sky while the green color turquoise is female and it present the earth. The zuni indians were known for their fetish object and were believed to have supernatural power. Fetish such as small animal and turquoise used for eyes and some for carving. Zuni Indians were used turquoise in ceremony and all imported festivals, and belive in handmade jewelry india. Some American thought that turquoise color in stone stolen from sky. it is believed that turquoise bring good fortune, they decorate their valuable idols with it.

Larimar Bracelet

Turquoise jewelry in created with a complimenting color such as red beads, coral, charoite, sugilite, red garnet. American Indian jewelry is a great addition to any jewelry collection. We are sure there is something for every one.