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Amber Jewelry, a Jurassic gems

From the film Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs have been more popular. From the film not only Dinosaurs became more popular but also one more thing comes in high demand from all over the world for amber jewelry and Baltic amber necklace. Although use of amber in jewelry is as old as mankind itself but ammolite jewelry is also popular as amber jewelry. Of course million of people saw in movie scientist found Dinosaurs DNA from the mosquito trapped in amber.


Millions of people learned about amber, which is a fossilized pine tree resin, silver amber is also very old jewelry.

The amber is in high demand which has a insect inside it. Indian jewelry manufacturer give high price of that kind of amber. They use amber in different kind of valuable metal jewelry and sale it to their Indian jewelry supplier.

Amber Ring

Today, two main source of amber in the world are the Baltic states and Dominican Republic. Price are depend how old amber is and inclusion of insect inside. Indian Jewelry Exporters are always try to invest money in amber jewelry.

Baltic amber necklace , Handmade Jewelry India is wildly available in market. The largest mining region is in Russia, Poland, west of Kaliningrad Include Myanmar (formerly Burma), Lebanon, Sicily, Mexico, Romania, Germany, and Canada.

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U.S peoples are very modern but they prefer Custom Jewelry India and some people like artisan jewelry which known as handmade jewelry india.

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